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Name:The Joy of Podcasts!
Posting Access:All Members

This is a community for sharing the joy of podcasts! We welcome fic, meta, art, episode/arc discussion posts, meta and pretty much every other imaginable transformative work as long as its about podcasts. Share and show your love for this odd little medium.

Guidelines/Rules of Engagement

1. Be excellent to each other. (i.e. no flaming, ad hominum attacks of other users or podcast makers, or purposefully spoilering other people. Please use trigger warnings where appropriate.)

2. Cut tags are your friend. Please use them for long meta/discussion posts, fic, art, spoilers and anything that might be considered NSFW.

3. Community members and the podcasts themselves come from all over the world. Please be aware that experiences/knowledge that you consider to be 'universal' may not be. Please be patient with the confused.

4. I shouldn't have to say this but: No racist/sexist/ableist/homophobic/transphobic etc. language.

5. Your mods are [personal profile] glinda and [personal profile] st_aurafina contact us on the Page-a-Mod post, we're in pretty much opposite time zones so hopefully one of us should always be awake to respond.

Interests (38):

99% invisible, adam & joe, alice isn't dead, archive 81, ars paradoxica, eos 10, gastropod, jay & miles x-plain the x-men, king falls am, limetown, metis in space, my dad wrote a porno, nightvale presents, our fair city, podcasts, rabbits, radio 4 comedy, radiotopia, s-town, serial, song exploder, stuff you missed in history class, tanis, the allusionist, the black tapes, the bright sessions, the hidden almanac, the magnus archives, the message, the orbiting human circus, the penumbra, the strange case of starship iris, thrilling adventure hour, welcome to nightvale, within the wires, wittertainment, wolf 359, wooden overcoats
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